PIRMAX ISO2 Silver is certified with a Declare label as Red List Free!

Architects, specifiers, installers and occupants of buildings can now have peace of mind when selecting PIRMAX ISO2 Silver for their projects that the product is officially free from Red List chemicals, is non-toxic and a safer selection for use in buildings.

The Declare label is a transparent declaration of the product ingredients, meaning PIRMAX ISO2 Silver ingredients are 100% disclosed to 100 ppm, and do not contain any Red List chemicals.

They have been shown to meet the Materials Petal requirements of the Living building Challenge and emissions testing criteria for Health + Happiness Petal. PIRMAX ISO2 Silver does not exceed maximum limits as defined by CDPH Standard Method v1.2-2017.

PIRMAX ISO2 Silver meets the requirements of the WELL Specification AE-ES-SPS-003 relating to WELL X11 Long Term Emission Control and WELL X12 Short Term Emission Control.

This means PIRMAX ISO2 Silver is the obvious choice for use on Living Building Challenge, LEED and WELL building standard projects.


The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) is a not for profit working to build an ecologically-minded, restorative world for all people. ILFI seeks to counter climate change by pushing for an urban environment free of fossil fuels. ILFI runs the Living Building Challenge, which is arguably the world’s most rigorous standard for green buildings. Going above and beyond LEED certification, Living Buildings strive for net-zero or net-positive energy, are free of toxic chemicals, and lower their energy footprint many times below the generic commercial structure.


Declare is a transparency platform, and a Declare ‘label’ is an ingredients label for building products, which is paired with a database of healthy materials for building project specifications. It allows manufacturers of ecologically sound products to demonstrate market leadership in the growing movement toward product transparency and health in the built environment.


The Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List represents the “worst in class” materials, chemicals, and elements known to pose serious risks to human health and the greater ecosystem that are prevalent in the building products industry. PIRMAX ISO2 Silver is free from these harmful Red List items and achieves the highest certification status under the program as “Red List Free”.

Many of us are taking a closer look at the products we choose to have in our offices, homes and other buildings.

With a Declare label, PIRMAX ISO2 Silver has greater transparency and being Red List Free is the product you can trust to have healthier environments for construction workers and greener buildings for occupants.

Click here to see the PIRMAX ISO2 Silver Red List Free Declare Label.

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