TradeSelect ThermalBreak Strip

R0.25 Thermal Break Strip for Steel Frame Construction

Trade Select™ ThermalBreak™ Strips is an innovative dual-layer, high-density closed-cell XPE foam core self-adhesive strip. They are specifically designed to create an impressive R0.25 thermal barrier between steel framing and various cladding materials and roofing sheets.

Trade Select™ ThermalBreak™ Strips is ideal for use with Trade Select™ sarking, wall wraps, and vapour permeable membranes in steel-framed residential constructions where R0.2 thermal break, energy efficiency and condensation control are paramount.

Trade Select™ ThermalBreak™ Strips helps seal around building membrane fixings and is ideal for preventing heat leakage around steel window and door frames, enhancing the energy efficiency of the construction.

Product Advantages

  • Exceeds R0.2 thermal break in-situ as required by the NCC
  • Compression resistant, provides a firm base to install to
  • Easily cuts to any desired length or shape
  • Self-adhesive backing for fast, easy installation
  • Creates a natural drainage plane for moisture to escape
  • Enhances the energy efficiency and breathability of the system
  • Termite, mould, and mildew resistant


Residential Steel Frame Applications.

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Product Details
Product NameTrade Select™ ThermalBreak™ Strip
Strip Size43 mm x 2750 mm (Folded form 1375 mm); 12mm Thick
Product Testing
Nominal Thickness12 mm
Thermal ConductivityASTM C5180.0486 W/m.K
Material R ValueAS/NZS 4859:2018R0.25
AdhesiveAcrylic Pressure Sensitive
Installation Instructions

Trade Select™ ThermalBreak Strips are typically installed to the exterior side of the structural framing building envelope after installing the of the pliable building membrane. It is recommended to install Trade Select™ ThermalBreak™” Strips at the same time as the outer cladding; this will ensure optimal durability and performance.

  1. Pliable building membrane is installed to the roof or wall steel frame construction in accordance with AS 4200.2:2017.
  2. Locate the structural members to which the Trade Select™ ThermalBreak™ Strip is to be applied. eg: studs, plates, rafters, purlins etc.
  3. Ensure that the surfaces to be adhered to are clean, dry and free from dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants.
  4. Peel back the release liner from both sides of the folded strip.
  5. Centre the Trade Select™ ThermalBreak™ Strip parallel to the supporting framing member.
  6. Apply the strip, ensuring maximum surface contact is achieved by applying firm pressure by hand or roller applicator.
  7. Install cladding or roofing materials without delay.